Wix Discounts – Save on your Wix Premium Plan with Wix Promo Codes, 50% OFF and More!

Upgrade your Wix plan ➜
Wix Promo Codes – How to save on your Wix Premium Plan Upgrade (Official Wix Discounts) // In this video, I’ll show you 3 official Wix discounts, as well as how you can save not only on your first upgrade, but also on your Wix renewal costs too.

Wix Student Discount (Get 50% OFF with Student Beans) ➜

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Video Contents (with timestamps):
00:00 Intro – 3 Wix Discounts for your Wix Premium Plan Upgrade
00:33 I’m Tracey from
00:56 #1 – Wix Promo Code
01:18 #2 – Wix 50% OFF
01:55 #3 – Wix Student Discount
02:21 Terms & Conditions
02:42 Bonus Tip: Upgrade your existing premium plan with a promo coupon
03:42 Log into Wix
04:04 Select Premium Subscriptions
05:35 Upgrade plan (with 50% OFF)
07:24 Upgrade billing cycle (with 50% OFF)
08:59 Our final recommendations
09:44 Please share your website tips or comments

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