The Library of Babel for PS5, PS4, Xbox, Switch & PC, The Legend of Tianding Ports, & More Announced by Neon Doctrine

The Library of Babel


Today Neon Doctrine went live to celebrate their 8th anniversary and had a few things to reveal.

Today Neon Doctrine went live to celebrate their 8th anniversary and had a few things to reveal.

We begin with the announcement of the Library of Babel, a “stealth platform” game developed by Tanuki Game Studio. PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam 2022 Epic Games Store.

You can see the trailer and the official description below.

“Inspired by the short story of the same name by Jorge Luis Borges, the Babel Library welcomes you into a world 20,000 years after the extinction of mankind. The world is now run by advanced robots who know very little about their mythical creators. In a society run by robots, everything is well-groomed and orderly, the perfect harbinger of chaos until a library containing everything ever written is found.

You play as Seeker Ludovic, sent to investigate a murder case in Babylon. When a state of emergency is suddenly declared, Ludovik follows the killer’s trail and finds himself in increasingly dangerous territory as he unravel the mystery behind the library’s sudden closure.

Featuring a world full of vast jungles, abandoned temples, and countless cybernetic inhabitants to interact with, the Babel Library tells thrilling adventures full of dangers and intrigues, as well as thoughtful and atmospheric tales of how we think of infinity. I promise.”

  • A lush but futuristic world with beautifully hand-drawn 2D environments
  • Ludovik prefers agility and stealth over violence, so lethal obstacles to avoid and more deadly enemies
  • Dialogue and inventory management system reminiscent of 90s graphic adventure games
  • A melancholy, philosophical science fiction novel inspired by Babel and the library of the Apocalypse

Additionally, a port for PlayStation and Xbox will be revealed this summer in Legend of Tianding, created by Taiwanese developer CGCG (Creative Games Computer Graphics). You’ll also get free Boss Rush DLC, including the original versions for PC and Switch.

Then the release window of GameChanger Studio’s My Lovely Wife will appear, which will be released for PC in June via Steam and Nintendo Switch. We also learn that the studio’s previous game, My Lovely Daughter, is bound to Playstation, Xbox, and iOS via new ports.

Coffee Addict Studio’s beautifully named Hazel Sky also has a release date for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Coming in June, you can see the new trailer below.

Finally, Baroque Decay’s Yuppie Psycho will be ported to PlayStation and Xbox this summer, including a physical edition.

Incidentally, Neon Doctrine Big Anniversary Discount on Steam Right now, if you want to grab some of the existing games.