The Best Minecraft floor designs, ideas, and examples

Best Minecraft roof designs - DoubleXP

When designing spaces and structures in the Minecraft world, you are free to choose the aesthetics of that domain. The blocks you choose to put at each point are different from hundreds of color and texture choices. Here are some suggestions for floor design ideas you might want to work on.

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Minecraft best floor design


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Checkers are easy to pull off from the cube world, so checking the floor in different colors is one of the best suggestions.


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You might first imagine a statue made of copper, but Minecraft’s copper floor plans can be colored differently by oxidizing the blocks. You can use it to create unique patterns and change shapes on the fly.

glazed terracotta

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Every glazed terracotta has a unique design, making it ideal for creating a variety of designs combined with other blocks.

shiny gold

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You can make the floor glow with Glowstone and Shroomlights, so why put torches here and there? Throw in a little gold there and there’s a floor that lets visitors know you’re top notch.


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The Nether is a dangerous place for anyone, but if you go back with a lot of hellish dimension items, consider using it as a unique floor design combined with obsidian. You can light these and they never go out, so you will have a constant light source that you can turn on and off very easily. Be careful not to go into the fire.


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Proper combination of basalt and coal blocks can give the floor plan a very smoky looking design. You can work on other dark gray blocks like Netherite and Cobbled Deepslate to give them a unique design that suits them well.


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If you’re good at circularizing things in the block world, you might want to consider applying a spiral design to the floor, especially if you have a lot of space. The more space you have to work with, the more natural the curves of your lines can look.

stone brick

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There is no shortage of shapes that can be made with stone bricks, but they are highly recommended for castle settings. You can also work on the stairs to add some gap to the aisle where you won’t fall, but if you like the look of it, make it look a little more crumbly.


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Light gray glazed terracotta allows you to give your floor a wavy look by adjusting your field of view while laying down blocks. Throw in a sky blue block to give it a more sea feel.

wood log

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You might have considered making a floor out of wood planks one day. However, you can create interesting designs with wood from Nether, especially if you decide to place a variety of wood logs. Don’t forget that the upside down side can change depending on how you put the blocks down.