The Apex Legends macros cheating debate rages on

The Apex Legends macros cheating debate rages on

Macros have been a hot topic in Apex Legends for a while now. Giving acquaintances the ability to lower or completely eliminate some input barriers to the game’s most demanding movement abilities. Using macros draws a line between leveraging all the tools at your disposal and the tricks seen by many in the community.

So we wanted to take a closer look at the topic of Apex Legends macros and see if this is a completely fair game, or if it’s a form of exploit waiting for Respawn to get rid of it.

This topic has recently been given new life thanks to a popular post on the Apex Legends subreddit. Why are macros normalized? Here, user armadillo_soup commented that macros were cheating, along with editing cfg files or adding scripts. Their posts are inspired by the aforementioned cycle of methods being widely shared via TikTok and Reddit as a vehicle for new movement techniques. Their opinions seem to be in harmony as the thread is full of like-minded players who reflect their point with the added ethos.

However, before delving into the pros and cons, let the author elaborate on what ‘macro’ means in this context. A macro represents a sequence of inputs that are programmed to be performed consecutively. They aren’t unique to Apex Legends in any way (damn, I used a lot of my own macros when farming mounts in WoW). But while games like World of Warcraft have built-in macro support, Apex Legends players are jumping into local PCs. You can apply a script sequence using a file or Steam Big Picture.

What this means is that figuring out what needs to change takes minutes, and an Apex player with the proper know-how can change in-game inputs to do it with a much higher success rate than performing certain movement skills. No macros. In a short video titled ‘Advanced Macro’, Youtuber Odou Disassemble all possible ranges in just 2 minutes.

As you can imagine, there are two sides to the argument surrounding the fairness of macros. On the one hand, there are those who are completely against the use of macros, arguing that it is inherently unfair because only a small fraction of Apex Legends’ player base can use these macros. If you’re a console player with crossplay enabled and you encounter a PC player with an edited cfg file, chances are they won’t be able to achieve the same movement skills they can. You will be slower and at a disadvantage. Sure, you can turn off crossplay if this bothers you so much, but does anyone really have to rely on it in the first place?

In other words, it’s like the use of macros is unknown to the Apex Legends team. The use of macros in all forms of Apex Legends Global Series events is expressly prohibited., with a strike pack that gives you an unfair advantage in the competition. So, at the peak of competitive play, it’s clear that developers feel they’re not good. They also have a history of removing certain movement skills if they appear to be giving them an unfair advantage. If you want to prevent players from using macros in regular Apex games, of course they will. right?

Well, it’s tricky. First of all, it’s tricky to completely stumble. Adjusting local files that affect gameplay can make it no longer on the table, but what about hardware with extra buttons and its own built-in macros? How do you block someone using a fancy mouse or controller? If it can’t be done, what prevents players from using it instead? How about rebinding keys in Steam Big Picture mod?

So we remain in this weird limbo where macros are absolutely hidden in Apex and are terribly hated by the community, but still exist nonetheless. Perhaps one day it will be completely crushed. But for now it remains in this hazy gray area between what is allowed and what is clearly not.

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