Konami issues DMCA takedown of images claiming to be a Silent Hill reboot

Konami issues DMCA takedown of images claiming to be a Silent Hill reboot

Images claiming to be Silent Hill A recent reboot appeared online, and IP owner Konami immediately declared a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) strike.

Since Dusk Golem didn’t want to post spoilers, the known leaker Dusk Golem posted 4 images with little to no information to accompany it (thanks. pc gamer). However, they mentioned the name “Anita and Maya” and something to do with SMS messages. It’s a feature that was previously rumored to be part of the Silent Hills game that Hideo Kojima was working on before it was canned by Konami.

The source of the Silent Hill images said the Twilight Golems were “relatively new” but provided “more than enough evidence” to believe them. This is clearly not the only Silent Hill game in development, leaked images This is from 2020, so things may have changed during development.

that much DMCA takedown Twilight Golem’s Twitter account Where the image first appeared.

It is unknown whether this is a horror game the Bloober Team is working on with Konami. It was once considered a Silent Hill game, unverified or denied by the studio. What we do know is that it is working on an “existing horror franchise”.

Obviously Silent Hill games have to be working in some studio. Back in December, series composer Akira Yamaoka told Al Hub on YouTube that he was working on a new project, due out this summer. Oddly enough, the channel was asked to remove the video and followed without telling the world who or what company wanted the video removed from the internet.

All in all, there are issues with Konami and Silent Hill IP. Hopefully, this means we’ll get some sort of confirmation soon, as the last game to be released was Silent Hill: Downpour in 2012, and since it’s been a long time since we’ve received a decent headline for the series.

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