Is EA SPORTS FC another potential scrap in the licensing battle between FIFA and UEFA?

Is EA SPORTS FC another potential scrap in the licensing battle between FIFA and UEFA?

announcement of EA Sports FC It has once again shown that the fiercest competition in football is not a competition for the Premier League title, but a licensing war between UEFA, FIFA and the top European leagues.

Maybe it’s because our team is having a tough season, but it feels like football is melting.

The football game rush later this year will be weird.

I’m not a Barcelona fan and I’ve only been to Camp Nou once and it took Lionel Messi’s move to Paris Saint-Germain pretty hard. It felt like another triumph for a football corporation. The sticky tribal fantasies of an unbreakable bond between players and their beloved clubs have been rudely trampled upon in a deal no one was happy except Nike’s shirt printers.

Not the average fan who has lost his ideal image of being one of the greatest players in history, not the PSG fan who came to boo or La Liga, the Spanish league in which Messi played. In a long feud with Paris Saint-Germain, they have now lost two of their most powerful players. The first was when PSG triggered a €222M league release clause in Neymar’s contract. It was an absurd and astronomical amount that no one should have paid.

Fewer celebrities means less interest on international TV, which means less revenue, less thriving competition, and more base lost to wealthy teams.

In the game, we saw just how powerful strong branding can be, and how destructive it can be without a brand. Just watch Pro Evolution Soccer. Or should I say eFootball? It “provided better gameplay” over the years, but it gradually became less relevant as there were no new West Ham kits every year.

A decline in sales led to a decline in investment. free play molten sap That’s eFootball 2022. It’s an unbranded soccer game you can get for £4 on Blockbuster on PS1. It’s technically less expensive, at least now.

fifa 22
What are you cheering for?

FIFA 22’s Serie A is garbage even if a handful of the best teams are replaced by regular teams.

Recognized as the most powerful league worldwide, the Premier League with the highest TV revenues, as well as Europe’s largest teams trying to catch up with the spending power of state-backed clubs like PSG and Manchester City. All kinds of hi-jinks that shook the football world.

To compete, teams like Italy’s Juventus and Spain’s Real Madrid and Barcelona will have to go all-in in the Champions League, currently Europe’s top competition and most lucrative money spinner for most teams. The Champions League is run by the European Football Federation (UEFA), but there is constant pressure to provide top clubs with guaranteed access and more revenue.

This was partly hated but led to the European Super League currently on hold. The European Super League is a closed competition to replace the UEFA Champions League, but without UEFA’s intervention, historically large teams competed against each other without qualifications and without threats. of relegation.

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Can UEFA and FIFA embrace it?

To avoid this challenge, UEFA sought the support of FIFA, the world football association that hosts the World Cup, but it didn’t get much support, at least initially. To further complicate matters, FIFA and UEFA don’t even make eye contact on many things.

Basically FIFA’s biggest cash generator is the World Cup, but it happens every four years. So FIFA wants to shorten the cycle every two years, but that will disrupt the European Championships, the UEFA Nations League and cause all kinds of other problems. So friction occurs.

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In light of all these warring factions, it’s very exciting for EA to give up its FIFA license and establish its own EA SPORTS FC. For nearly 30 years, FIFA has been synonymous with football games, and the loss of that brand awareness is sure to hurt sales.

FIFA games are vital to the football zeitgeist and have been a big part of how young people interact with football as watching live matches become more difficult and more expensive.

However, EA has been known to be dissatisfied with the cost of doing business with FIFA for years, and it appears they have been asked to raise $250 million late last year. This bullion was a bullion that broke cash. .

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EA SPORTS FC gets its name, kit and other rights directly.

at EA SPORTS FC Announced, EA has sought “300+ licensed partners”, more than implying that this new game will have the same photorealistic splendor as current FIFA games. They then noted that a “unique licensing portfolio” that would include deals with the International Federation of Players FIFPRO, many of the top leagues and kit makers, would “still exist” after FIFA. That’s at least sorted names, contests and kits.

Obviously, unconfirmed in that post, one of the biggest additions EA has made in the past few years is the fully licensed Champions League and Europa League. How curious would it be if UEFA intervened to feed FIFA’s lunches by playing a leading role in one of the touchstones of fans and one of the most everyday cultural touches?

This move will also appear to give more power to certain clubs, leagues and even players. Grumpy people about the game Scrape them together based on their similarities and attributes.

On the part of FIFA, it’s very likely their decision to make a name for themselves to other game developers to produce other products that annoy EA. After all, if they don’t even have the exclusive rights to make a FIFA game, what will they have to pay $250 million for?

It’s easy to understand EA SPORTS FC as a fight between EA and FIFA, but it affects a broader and escalating brand war across football as different stakeholders compete fiercely to get as much cash out as possible.

fifa 22 wonderkids highest potential
EA knows how to monetize its games. FIFA?

EA is one of the best in this regard, earning over $1.6 billion from Ultimate Team in FIFA, Madden, and the NHL. Double the revenue of the biggest football team..

And as cryptocurrency exchanges, currency generators, and NFT projects continue to invest more in both gaming and football, EA will be partnering with the new platform in its division, whether it be Socios or other teams that many teams already have. It seems more likely. company.

You never know; What other publishers can seize the opportunity to collaborate with FIFA and challenge EA’s hegemony with FIFA 2K24, the fresh and exciting football game? But again, it’s not worth playing without the correct Crystal Palace away strip. right?