How to Upgrade Character Stats

evil dead the game


Evil Dead: The Game is finally released on PC and consoles, allowing players to battle the deadly Kandarian Demon as Ash Williams and other iconic characters from the movie. Working together is the key to surviving and winning the match. But there are also useful items to keep an eye on that give you an edge. Here How to upgrade your character stats in Evil Dead: Game.

Upgrade your character stats in Evil Dead the Game

  1. Press the D-pad down to bring up the upgrade menu.
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  2. Select the properties to upgrade.

    You can upgrade your character’s melee abilities, health, ranged damage, fear management, health, and shield attributes.

  3. Press the X or A button to confirm your selection and you’re all set.

Stats upgrades do not carry over between matches. It only applies during the match you are currently participating in, and all attributes will be reset in the next match.

Find Pink F Points

Of course, upgrading your stats isn’t quite as simple as opening a menu and increasing it whenever you want. First you need to find the pink bottle known as the Pink F scattered all over the map. These bottles are usually found in chests inside the various houses and huts that can be found on the map, usually close to the main location. and landmarks.

Interact by holding the triangle or Y button to earn pink F points for yourself and your team. If one of your team members finds Pink F, the whole group will benefit. You can use a few Pink F Points to upgrade your character stats.

that’s all you need to know How to upgrade your character’s stats in Evil Dead: Game. Search Twinfinite for more tips and information about the game.