How to lean as you aim in Rainbow Six Mobile


The Rainbow Six game is well known as the most popular tactical shooter on the video game market. This game is closer to the real world experience than you can get from a game like Call of Duty. There aren’t many arcade-like features in this series. As you wander around looking for enemies in Rainbow Six Mobile, you’ll have to watch out for almost every corner you come across. Blindly jumping into a room will remain an easy target for enemies to pick. With that in mind, here’s how to lean on your Rainbow Six Mobile:

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How to lean when aiming in Rainbow Six Mobile

There are many ways you can lean on Rainbow Six Mobile. The first is if you have a lean button in the button list (on by default). Just press the corresponding tilt button on the left side of the screen above the navigation pad. Pressing one of them will tilt it in that direction until you press it again.

Screenshot of DoubleXP

The second way is to use a lean slider. Hold the aim button above the fire button on the right side of the screen. If you hold down and slide the button left or right, the character will follow the motion.

The third method is if Lean Edge Tap is on (off by default) in the button list. Tap either side of the screen while aiming for a sight and the operator will lean in that direction.

When you are in the game, you have many doorways and windows that you can sneak through. You never know when an enemy is crouching nearby. Lean protects most of your body and puts you in a better position to shoot. If you try to lean in either direction, your character will automatically aim at the target. You can’t lean on it without looking down on your field of vision.