How to Heal & Restore Health

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In a game where survival is the key, like the Evil Dead Game, you have to rely on virtually every resource physically available to win. The most important aspect of this is to make sure your character is good and healthy. Here is everything you need to know How to heal and restore health in the game of Evil Dead.

How to Heal and Restore Health in Evil Dead Games

You can heal and restore health in one of two ways in Evil Dead Game. The first revolves around your inventory.

If you have a healing item in your inventory, press ‘Up’ on the d-pad to launch a short animation to heal. You are vulnerable to attack during this animation, so always be careful when doing this.

Sheep's Cola from the Evil Dead Game

As you explore the map, look for a healing item in the game called Shemp’s Colas. Select while holding the triangle or Y button to add it to your healing item slot. You can then restore health by pressing the D-pad up.

that’s all we know so far How to heal and restore health in the game of Evil Dead. If you’re looking for more information about the game, check out the rest of the Twinfinite guides with lots of tips, tricks and FAQs.

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