Genfanad: A Generic Fantasy Adventure is a new satirical RPG due out later this year.

Genfanad: A Generic Fantasy Adventure is a new satirical RPG due out later this year.

Indie developer Rose Tinted Games has officially unveiled their first project, a cheeky satire game called Genfanad: A Generic Fantasy Adventure. The premise of this title is to be a fully, well, generic and banal high fantasy adventure game. This adventure game will provide fans of old school RPGs with plenty of satirical humor.

Just a glance at Genfanad’s preview will immediately remind you of other adventure fantasy simulators. Runescape. The visuals are clearly and intentionally inspired by classic RPGs, and to be honest, the gameplay sounds like a lot to Runescape too.

Genfanad aims to be a high fantasy era life simulator where you can do anything you want within a setting that includes farming, dungeon crawling, fishing or anything else you can think of. that period. You can play the whole game without fighting a single monster, or you can use your trading skills instead to earn money and enjoy your own life.


Since Genfanad stands for Generic Fantasy Adventure, calling Genfanad “generic”, despite being literally in the title, feels almost like a disregard. However, a genuine look at what you want to do with all the content you can handle the way you want it can offer much more than satirical interpretations of modern and classic RPGs.

Keep in mind that this should be a low-key title, not a life-sinking title like the previously mentioned Runescape. But it’s also a multiplayer title that lets you go on these epic or dry adventures with your friends.

If all of this sounds like something you’ll enjoy, go for Genfanad’s. Website, is currently promoting Kickstarter, which will launch soon at the end of this month. Mobile releases are planned for both platforms, steam port Screenshots and trailers are available right now.

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