Five League of Legends characters we’d love to see in Project L

Five League of Legends characters we'd love to see in Project L

Project L still has a long way to go and there are only a few solid pieces of information for excited people to explore. There is a lot of speculation about what the craving for the update is and what to expect from Riot Games’ next big game.

With so many variables, we’ve compiled a list of five League of Legends characters we’d like to show off in Project L. After thinking about the topic, many league characters have a clean translation kit. Turning into a 2D fighter makes choosing the ideal addition to your roster very simple.


League of Legends settings
Champion too perfect for Project L…

Our first choice is a character that’s almost too perfect for a 2D fighter thanks to MOBA’s barefoot brawl kit. Of course, we’re talking about Sett, a relatively recent addition to the cast of the league, with various melee abilities that translate beautifully into Project L.

There are multiple jabs and improved punches that make the transition easy to imagine, but Sett is one of the only champions that can be classified as a grappler in the same vein as Street Fighter’s Zangief or Hugo. If there was a direct comparison of Sett’s way of playing, fighter game fans could see Miguel as a great comparison here. A quick glance at his kit reveals just how exciting his street brawler-style character can be.

Also, his ultimate is Jump Power Bomb. It’s just too perfect not to get into an all-or-nothing grapple that does massive damage. It’s very similar to a typical Sett player, as there aren’t really many other characters playing the roles that Sett plays.


Zed from League of Legends.
League’s famous assassin. Zed will make an excellent offensive choice.

Here’s something interesting. There’s a long legacy of certain characters using clones or delayed afterimages for cool combos in fighting games. There are now two characters in the league’s cast that fit this bill, but since Le Blanc is a ranged character with a move set that can’t easily be transferred to Project L, Zed is the best choice.

A very popular assassin in League of Legends, Zed has a variety of ranged and melee abilities, along with a shadow clone that can teleport. A key aspect of his basic inline press and escape plan, this clone is the main reason we think he’s a great addition player.

Clones open up a lot of possibilities for the moves of unique fighting games. You can use Mortal Kombat’s Noob Saibot style. A character tags a partner, displaying an ambiguous combination of devastating attacks and testing the opponent’s defenses. Or you can go all the way and mark the clone as a permanent threat. We’re not talking about Smash Bros’ Ice Climbers, just like Super Yun’s Genei Jin from Street Fighter 3, which repeats the player’s attacks for a few frames after the clone is used.

There’s a lot of room for interesting things with Zed. One of the most recognizable characters in League of Legends, this add-on is something we’d love to see.


Maokai from League of Legends.
If you’re looking for a big bruiser, Maokai can be a fun option.

Maokai doesn’t get much love, but without him we’d be too lost. The coolest tree in League of Legends leaves and joins the cast of Project L could be perfect for those looking for a character with a big body with a few tricky settings.

What’s the secret to Maokai’s good looks? seedlings. In the game, these little guys are thrown to apply some pressure when charging at enemies. They can grow into bigger buddies if thrown into the bush, making them a greater threat to those trying to walk through the grass of Maokai.

If this doesn’t sound like the cornerstone of a big bruiser with serious ground pressure I don’t know what it does. With his big all slam, goal dash to close the distance with other characters, and his ultimate root wave that will create great super moves, Maokai looks like the perfect choice for a Bruiser/Rushdown hybrid.

If you’ve been looking for other games for inspiration here, Gargos from the great Killer Instinct reboot is what we had in mind. An absolute monster in its own game, Gargos combines his tyrannical attacks with waves of minions moving across the screen with added pressure. If you look closely, these minions can actually shuffle your blocking opponents. It’s really fun. I promise.


Jace of League of Legends.
It’s the perfect choice in the post arcane world.

OK, let’s move on to the weirder choice. Jayce has been pretty popular since Arcane came out last year, and has a pretty cool playstyle as a champion who can switch between ranged and melee at will. This opens the door to a fairly attractive fighting game character. This character can suddenly switch from stabbing from afar to dashing with his heavy hammer.

Now with two forms of unique movement, Jayce will be one of the more complex characters in Project L. But considering that Jayce is already one of the more difficult champs that exist in MOBA, that’s totally fine. He’s a challenging choice that offers great rewards, but even if Project L lowers the barriers to entry that exist on other fighters, some of those rewards are necessary.

There are plenty of fighting game characters that can seamlessly switch between staying in range and performing devastating combos. Games like Blazblue and Mortal Kombat have many choices to fulfill this role, but the options are rather narrow when it comes to stance transitions. Nightwing from the Injustice series is a good example of what we’re talking about, as its ability to switch between a baton and a staff can drastically change your playstyle. Fighters need tricky characters, and Jayce is a great choice for that.


from League of Legends.
It’s certainly an odd choice, but a choice with serious potential.

Our last choice is also an ‘out of the box’ choice with characters not easily imaginable in a 2D fighter. Kindred is a ranged jungler, mostly using a bow to pick out champions from afar, while his ghost wolf partner takes chunks from anyone within range.

Believe it or not, doll characters exist where the user can control two separate bodies. These prototypes, commonly seen on animated fighters, are inherently complex. However, it will fill a special little spot in the Project L cast as it gives a distinct twist to the typical keepaway fighter you would normally see. For comparison, the most popular doll characters are probably Rosalina & Luna from Smash Bros. But if you’re a current fan, Zato from Guilty Gear: Strive is another example. Applying pressure from multiple angles for a destructive effect.

Whether this kind of champion fits into the more beginner-friendly plans that people at Riot Games are aiming for is a big question mark for this choice. But if they’re willing to include more complex selections, Kindred is one I’d like to see.

With this, the top 5 dream characters you want to see in Project L are over. If you have a choice you’d like to be Riot’s next fighter, let us know who and why below is a good choice. Unless it’s Teemo.

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