DIOR BEAUTY PROMO CODES for 2022! Gifts with purchase for Spring and Mother's Day!

I wanted to share all the promo codes I have for Dior beauty gifts with purchase! These codes are all current for spring 2022. Some are set to expire after Mother’s day, so take advantage now!

🌸 To shop Dior beauty:
And my personal picks:
🌸 Miss Dior fragrance set:
🌸 J’adore fragrance set:
🌸 This beautiful limited edition makeup palette:
🌸 Any of the Dior eyeshadows, truly:
🌸 The La Collection Privee discovery set (great for any fragrance lover!):

Looking for more Dior gift ideas? Be sure to check out @Amber Ashleigh!

+ This is the jeweler’s loupe I use:
+ A less expensive (still good!) loupe:
+ You can use my discount code CLASSICSWITHAQUIRK for 20% off at Joyinbag on Etsy or use this link: (not affiliate)
+ Want to authenticate an item? You can use this code for $5 off real! D990457
+ My go-to leather conditioner:

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