Best train games to play in 2022

Best train games to play in 2022

Train games fall into a very specific niche where you just need to manage and run your rail empire. They usually have quite a bit of depth, with lots of upgrade paths, progressions, and a variety of items that need to be built to make everything more efficient. but what best train game?

Simply put, best train games These are the people who are most faithful to real-world scenarios and have the smoothest progression system. To help you learn more about the topic, we’ve put together a short explanation and this intuitive list of games that will make your game fun!

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best train games

  1. Rail Tycoon 3
  2. Train Simulator 2022
  3. railroad empire
  4. Unrail!
  5. train fever
  6. train valley 2
  7. Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion
  8. paper train transportation
  9. Steam: Rails to Riches
  10. Masinki
railroad tycoon 3

Rail Tycoon 3

The Railroad Tycoon series is known for its high-quality releases, the deep complexity of its games, and a wide selection of choices. In the third release of the game, you manage a rail system that has to deliver goods from point A to point B in order to earn a profit. There are campaigns that span many years of history: America, Europe, the world, and the future. You can pass a total of 16 scenarios, each with challenges and goals to achieve. Improving the foundation of previous games, Railroad Tycoon 3 offers an improved quality of life that makes it much easier to design and make minor changes to various locomotives and rail systems around the world. More difficult in previous games.

train simulator 2022

Train Simulator 2022

We have a very complex game that goes on to show the real world of train travel right on the screen. Train Simulator 2022 features dozens of locomotives with the same performance as real locomotives, making the whole experience of driving these machines more enjoyable. What’s particularly appealing about this game is the massive game where you can drive the different corridors of the world and follow the most iconic and most used tracks. The scenarios that can be simulated are exciting and challenging in some ways, as they are very diverse, from transporting passengers to transporting resources. This game has it all.

railway empire 1

railroad empire

What makes any game re-engagement is the story it provides. Railway Empire is set in the 1830s, when the train industry is just beginning, and the world needs someone to build a reliable rail infrastructure to meet all social needs. As you progress through the game, you will have access to over 40 fully crafted locomotives, which you can stand on rails to complete various tasks. There is a rival system in which you have to outperform other railroad tycoons with the same ambitions as you. Of course, simply laying out tracks and trains is not enough. Because it can also conduct research that will improve infrastructure, trains, etc. Investing in buildings is another great way to increase your returns.



Unrail! is an incredibly well-crafted co-op game with a fantastic premise. A co-op game where the train is moving slowly on the track and you and your friends gather resources to build a new train track. This game has a very blunt style similar to games like Trove or Unturned, but works very well for gameplay applications. What makes this game so appealing to multiplayer is the fact that you can play the Endless mode, which features an infinite procedurally generated world in which you can encounter various NPCs, and the obstacles to overcome. As another bonus, the creators of one of the best farming games, Stardew Valley, say it’s good enough to convince you.

train fever

train fever

Moving on, there is Train Fever, a small train business simulation game developed by a small studio in Sweden. The game’s campaign runs for about 20 hours, and the premise is that in 1850 you start running your own railroad company. The goal here is to upgrade trains over time and update rail infrastructure to accommodate the standards of the times, ultimately reaching a distant future where efficiency is everything. If you’re looking for a short campaign that covers all your train-related needs, Train Fever is the answer.

train valley 2

train valley 2

From frenetic races to finals, we move on to a calming, calculated game where you have to solve puzzles involving trains. The map has different cities to which certain products need to be shipped. That’s where you come in. Your job is to manage production and resource outsourcing to create and deliver the products you need. It is also necessary to build the railways that trains use with in mind that they must be manufactured and operated in the most efficient way possible. As you complete levels and progress through the game, you will earn income to help you progress further. Train Valley 2 is a fantastic game that builds on the foundations of previous releases, adding complexity to make the overall experience even more enjoyable.

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Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion

The game is not limited to trains but also includes other transport systems such as trucks, buses, planes and more. It takes place from 1900 to 2100, during which time you can complete numerous scenarios with different challenges and objectives to be completed. With the option to choose a difficulty level from beginner to expert, the challenges are not fixed and can accommodate gamers of all skill levels. For players who prefer to play with friends, there is a co-op option that lets you work together and solve scenarios that way. Overall, it’s a great game with a lot of content that will keep anyone focused for hours!

paper train traffic

paper train transportation

Here we are, a very small game you may have never heard of. While other games tend to focus on realism, Paper Train Traffic requires you to solve puzzles in a unique hand-drawn style. There are more than 300 levels, many of which boil down to managing the train infrastructure so that the trains do not collide with each other, but there are many more scenarios that require more intelligence. The game will take you to places around the world, so there are many levels of variety and you don’t always have to look at the same settings. It’s a little-known game, but offers a refreshing experience that any fan of trains or strategy games will love!

steam rails to riches

Steam: Rails to Riches

This is actually the official video game adaptation of the board game of the same name. In this game, you manage a board filled with hexagon tiles that represents a map filled with focus that needs to be upgraded, such as tracks, trains and various buildings located along the tracks. When it comes to board games, it’s quite complex and requires a lot of forethought, as managing your finances so you don’t go bankrupt is very important. You also need to invest enough to ensure continuous development. Like Paper Train Traffic, this game is a little-known but hidden gem of value.



Another management game, Mashinky, is to create an efficient transport company that controls many vehicles. You need to make sure all the necessary deliveries have been made, navigate the large map and configure your infrastructure accordingly. Mashinky traverses expansive landscapes to complete objectives, with a particular focus on realism and scale where he can lose himself as he adds depth to the gameplay. Similar to how other train games work, in Mashinky different eras of transport can be played longer over time. The game was developed by a single Czech developer named Jan Zeleny, who deserves all the praise in the world for creating such a perfect experience!

And it will be! We hope you’ve found the train game that’s right for you and that all your questions have been answered. For more games, check out our other articles like Best Free PC Games and Best Mobile Multiplayer Games!