Best mobile MMORPGs to play in 2022

Best mobile MMORPGs to play in 2022

MMORPG is a game where you create your own character and go on an adventure in a huge and detailed world. They usually have a fantasy theme, but not always. Some can always have a good sci-fi theme in this app. In general, there is always something for everyone. There is a good sense of community as the whole game is played with other players, as evidenced by their genre.

but what Best mobile MMORPG can you play? Well, we decided to put together a list of top quality MMOs with a well-crafted storyline, great gameplay, and satisfying mechanics that always make playing fun.

In general, if you are a fan of mobile games, you can always find the best Android games or the best IOS games here. Choose the game you want!

Best mobile MMORPG

  1. Raid: Shadow Legend
  2. Genshin Impact
  3. old school runescape
  4. Stella Arcana
  5. Bless Mobile
  6. Albion Online
  7. A3: still alive
  8. mystical legend
  9. black desert mobile
  10. king’s world

Raid: Shadow Legend

One of the most recognizable games on the internet thanks to its incredibly aggressive advertising campaign. YouTube videos and Twitch broadcasts were full of game advertisements, wouldn’t it be worthwhile? of course! Considering that it’s a gacha game with great gameplay, world building and interesting characters, this game is great. Your goal is to assemble a powerful group of heroes to raid the lands of Teleria. Each hero has the advantage of being useful to the party, so plan ahead and create synergies that increase damage. The campaign is great and there are other events that include different game modes like raid bosses and arenas. However, participating in campaign missions and performing most tasks requires energy. Raid: Shadow Legends promo codes are always great if you’re low on energy or something else!

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is another incredibly popular gacha game with a definitive anime theme. You play in the open world and switch characters in your party when needed. Each character has unique abilities that can synergize with other characters. When it comes to combat, it’s very reminiscent of classic anime battles where you use huge abilities to kill enemies. You’ll have to use your creative combos and abilities as you progress through the game with lots of enemies to meet and missions to complete. Overall, Genshin Impact deserves a lot of praise for providing a seamless experience to thousands of players around the world. Start using your Genshin Impact code!

old school runescape

One of the best adventure MMORPGs on the market, Old School Runescape has all the best qualities of an MMO to entertain both veterans of the genre and new players making the smart decisions to make it their own. First MMO. It plays in a continuous world. In other words, things keep changing and players continue to evolve even when you’re away. During the game, you can complete quests, kill monsters, and interact with other players and NPCs who guide you through the game. By completing quests and progressing through the game, you can level up your skills in various fields, such as combat and craftsmanship. The graphics quality isn’t quite up to today’s standards, but the main point of the game is its high-quality gameplay and potential. for pleasure.

Stella Arcana

Here we have a fairly quirky game that takes place on a huge map with a lot of potential. The premise of the story is that a mysterious beam erupted from the capital building. Your goal is to travel across the land and find a specific power crystal that must be brought back to its original position in the light. Success in this will solve the riddle. At the start of the adventure, you will meet other players who are free to interact with various NPCs. Multiplayer is lively and exciting, and the different bosses you can face offer tough challenges while remaining fair. The game is very complete and fun. So you can even dive into the action!

Bless Mobile

Bless Mobile takes you through a vast world to explore with an exciting and engaging storyline. There are many classes to choose from, traversing the world and interacting with other players gives you the opportunity to earn experience, which you can use to acquire life skills, increase your combat proficiency, and gain other traits. A class can own it. The overall feel of the game is very similar to Black Desert Online.

Albion Online

One of the best medieval MMORPGs, Albion reimagines Arthurian legends in a new way, where you play as a great hero in search of glorious quests. Unlike other games on this list, where you can choose a class that defines your entire playstyle, Albion Online discards the class system and focuses on what players collect through gameplay. The different pieces of armor you can collect give you different stats as well as abilities that you can use against the different enemies you encounter. Instead of experience, you collect Fame, a unique resource in the world of Albion. Overall, this is a fantastic game for anyone looking for a good experience.

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A3: still alive

Aside from the normal story progression, A3: Still Alive has a very strong PvP presence. One of the modes you’ll enjoy is Dark Presence, which has a dark and special twist that lets you engage in massive 100v100 battles using all your abilities at will, suddenly turning your allies into enemies. In addition to this mode, there is also a battle royale mode. In this mode, you will fight against everyone with the goal of being the only survivor. Of course, PvP isn’t the only purpose of the game. Because there is also a vast open world with endless possibilities.

mystical legend

Arcane Legends has a simple premise and a simple gameplay system. Players choose one of three classes: Wizard, Warrior or Rogue. Each class has its own advantages, such as increased defense, additional damage, or ability to support. This removes unnecessary complexity that has a steep learning curve and can embarrass new players. You can also choose one of the three pets. Like classes, pets have the advantage of helping the hero while traversing huge maps to defeat enemies with quests to complete. A great game to start if you’re new to the MMORPG genre!

black desert mobile

Black Desert Online is a fantastic game that offers a variety of features with a focus on quality. The world is vast and full of things to do and places to explore. Customize your character with an in-depth customization menu from head to toe. This is especially useful for players who take role-playing very seriously and want to create a character that fits their aesthetic vision. When it comes to combat, the graphic quality has been overhauled to include a myriad of great effects, so you can immerse yourself and enjoy every moment. When it comes to combat and general gameplay, Black Desert Mobile has really made a name for itself, just like the PC.

king’s world

The game takes a classic approach to the MMORPG genre with an extensive PvP system as well as in-depth quests to complete across a vast world. You need to choose a class that suits your character. The character can then follow the specific archetype of that class to use its abilities usefully in specific situations. Whichever class you choose, you can always make yourself useful in your quests. What catches the attention of many is a huge dungeon that can be explored as a group in the classic raid style. The dungeon contains powerful enemies, including bosses, who will drop excellent loot when dispatched. Overall, World of Kings can’t go wrong, as it has a little bit of everything to offer new players.

Unfortunately there are no more games to mention. Many of these games contain the same elements as the original MMORPGs. Because it takes a “don’t fix it unless it’s broken” approach. And this is very true in many cases. If something is well established, why change it? If you are on the market for more games like this, check out our article on Best Mobile RPG Games. If you want a different genre, you can always enjoy the best mobile multiplayer games.