Best mobile idle games to play in 2022

Best mobile idle games to play in 2022

Sometimes you want to play hard for hours with all your might, while other times you want something unmotivated and relaxed and effortless. Idle games are excellent for this. It usually requires tapping and care, but otherwise requires little effort.

To give you an overview of your choices, we have prepared the following list. best mobile idle game Available. With this game, you don’t have to put a lot of effort into it when you want a simple experience!

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Best mobile idle game

  1. adventure communist
  2. bitcoin billionaire
  3. penguin island
  4. bit city
  5. cookie clicker
  6. almost a hero
  7. idle apocalypse
  8. Realm Grinder
  9. Egg Co., Ltd.
  10. Dungeon Inc.

adventure communist

In AdVenture Communist, you take on the role of a dictator who has to grow potatoes and control an entire country. You start with a small potato farm, earning money as you upgrade, and as you continue playing, you can unlock other sections of production such as soldiers, propaganda, and more. It’s the sequel to the hugely successful AdVenture Capitalist and a very well designed game with a good progression system!

bitcoin billionaire

Cryptocurrency has become the norm in today’s society and the game represents the emotional reward that every cryptocurrency miner is trying to achieve. The whole frame of the game is set in a small room/office environment, with a computer installed in between. Your character sits there, typing and mining bitcoins forever. The more you tap, the more bitcoins you get. This is great when you’re not looking for a game with more difficult mechanics. Because cryptocurrencies bring profits, you can gradually upgrade everything in your office to earn more. This could be anything from upgrading your PC to adding new paintings to your walls. Overall, Bitcoin Billionaire is a fantastic game for a niche market.

penguin island

Penguin Island is a very relaxing game where the only goal is to create a habitat for penguins to live in. You start with a small ice island that can be upgraded gradually. The longer you play, the more types of penguins you can unlock, so you can increase the diversity of your black and white friends as much as you want! Penguins aren’t the only animals on the island. Because the selection also includes other arctic animals to discover. Aside from that, the game also involves a lot of creative freedom, as you also have the option to extensively decorate the island in your own style. If you’re looking for a little zen game that you can play without a lot of effort, Penguin Island is for you!

bit city

One of the best games that guarantees great dopamine progression, Bit City is perfect for anyone looking for a city builder with a very simple style. Here, you start in a very small city and build your empire by collecting building revenue and purchasing upgrades. It has a very bright and lively style to it, making it very comfortable on the eyes and a pleasure to watch. If you want to add a bit of flair to your city, there is always an option to build landmarks and attractions to help you progress and generate more revenue.

cookie clicker

This is the mobile version of the critically acclaimed Cookie Clicker. The only goal here is to increase the number of cookies in the bank by clicking on the large cookies on the screen. What makes this idle game is the fact that clicking on enough cookies will eventually allow you to purchase upgrades like Grandma, Cookie Mine, and more. In this game set world, everything is about cookies and progress is key. There are plenty of progression-related achievements to unlock, always giving you goals to reach. The speed at which you can collect cookies is very fast once you get them, with the number of cookies reaching trillions.

almost a hero

There are still fun games to play. The character of this game is so incompetent and stupid that he becomes a hero who somehow saves the world from evil. You can create a party of aspiring heroes that starts from scratch. However, as the game progresses, the hero will find himself performing better and dealing more damage as he accumulates experience and equipment that gradually drops from enemies. Each character can be leveled up to a certain level, equipped and trained to use powerful abilities available against enemies. The overall theme and feel of the game is quite thrilling, and the progression is quite satisfying!

idle apocalypse

You always hear fantastic stories of great heroes, mighty warriors, mighty wizards, agile rogues who cope with challenges in glorious ways, kill monsters and defeat their leaders. But no one asks what happens to the monster’s leader. In this game, your shoes are on your other foot as you control a huge tower where you have to produce monsters ranging from simple goblins to skeleton wizards. Production is carried out in the tower tier. Each tier is dedicated to crafting some kind of resource, such as magic dust for a research book or an underground generator that increases the resource yield of a tower. Every time a monster is spawned, it comes out of the tower and fights a horde of adventurers who lose each time, but if you pass the adventurer’s HP level, you’ll get a treasure that can be used for upgrades. It’s a very complex game that requires a fair amount of management compared to other games on this list, but it’s well worth it.

Realm Grinder

Realm Grinder is a complex fantasy idle RPG where you’re given a small farm in a huge countryside, where you have to upgrade and improve gradually, adding new buildings, defenses and spells to use. Taken from other fantasy city building games, the faction sort option is where you choose one of the factions to align yourself with. What is the goal of this? Well, each faction has different units and different playstyles like bonuses for actions taken in the game. If you are a perfectionist and like to discover a lot of content and collect all the achievements, then this game is for you. There are a variety of achievements to collect and new game mechanics to explore, so you can stay focused for months!

Egg Co., Ltd.

There’s something appealing to everyone about managing animals in idle games, and this game makes great use of that rewarding feeling. In this game, you run an egg farm where you have to produce a huge amount of eggs for distribution. Tap the big red button at the bottom of the screen and the flock of chickens will jump out of the hatchery and enter the designated coop, from which point the chickens will start laying eggs for you. The more eggs you collect, the more investments you can make: bigger coops, more storage silos, better delivery systems, and more. There is also an option to earn a reputation to stop getting eggs over and over again. So you can unlock new types of eggs that give you a passive bonus when starting over. This will allow you to return to your original position faster and obtain more eggs. The art style of the game is quite satisfying and comfortable, so there is no additional stress.

Dungeon Inc.

The game is quite similar to Idle Apocalypse in that you take on the role of a bad guy who has to manage a huge dungeon to maximize his earnings. Of course, start small and work your way up slowly, adding more sections to your dungeon and increasing the variety of monsters you can use to defeat enemies known as Tax Knights who want to go out and tax the money they earn. Monsters aren’t the only ones that can be developed in dungeons. Because if you increase your revenue with other features like buildings and get into the flow of management, you can get pretty satisfying results!

Now you have all the knowledge to go out and do nothing! We sincerely hope that you have found a game that is right for you and that your needs are met. If you’re still itching for more content, here are other articles on other things like the best IOS games and the best mobile multiplayer games!