Best games like Pokemon Go to play in 2022

Best games like Pokemon Go to play in 2022

When we talk about the viral, incredibly popular social game, we can’t avoid mentioning Pokemon Go, a game in which you use your phone to catch and capture various Pokemon in your area. The game gave a lot of people a good reason to get out of the house and be happy, but its popularity has declined slightly over the years.

Nevertheless, we will still provide a definitive list. Best games like pokemon go You can enjoy it right away. It doesn’t have the same level of depth as the original, but it still provides a great experience that you can revisit every day.

Whether you’re on mobile or PC, if you still need a new game, look no further. We’ve curated the best mobile RPG games for mobile gamers and the best free PC games for members of the PC Master Race!

Best games like Pokemon Go

  1. Orna
  2. Jurassic World: Alive
  3. bugsocks
  4. The Walking Dead: Our World
  5. geocaching
  6. Ingress Prime
  7. Zombies, run!
  8. The Witcher: Monster Slayer
  9. Pikmin Bloom
  10. dragon quest walk


We all know what kind of gameplay Pokemon Go played. Go around and catch Pokémon. But what if you want a little more depth? Well, Orna is a full-fledged RPG that uses her surroundings to create a dungeon that she can explore with her own character. Enemies you encounter while exploring the world will attack you from time to time, and the combat is really satisfying. It’s a classic turn-based battle in which you take turns executing combat actions and then your enemies do the same. It’s the perfect system to really improve general gameplay. Of course, the prerequisite of the game is to get around the outside, so you can always meet other players, join the party, and go on raids together. Whatever you do, Orna will give you hours of fun and exercise!

Jurassic World: Alive

Every time you add a dinosaur to the game, it’s bound to get better than before. Jurassic World: Alive has the same premise as Pokemon Go, but instead of Pokemon lurking in the real world, it has different types of dinosaurs, so once you have your own dinosaur you can interact, capture, and fight. To catch a dinosaur, you need to use the incense capsule that attracts the dinosaur. These capsules vary in potency and quality similar to Pokeballs. The higher the rarity of the dinosaur you want to capture, the better the incense capsule should be. Periodically, hordes of dinosaurs may attack you as you complete missions. This triggers an attack sequence very similar to a regular Pokemon battle. Other than that, you are free to roam around and interact with other players.

Bugs Knox

Although not technically an augmented reality game, Bugsnax embraces the general concepts of Pokemon Go and applies its own variations. In this game, you can roam a vast and colorful world in search of different types of Bugsnax, capture and gift them as your own. Bugsnax are small creatures that are primarily worms, but they also have some aspects of snacks, such as snacks made from fruits and vegetables. Once you get into the game, you’ll find that the little animals on the island are very cute and interesting to watch, which is pretty wholesome and fun. What makes Bugsnax so attractive is its collecting aspect, which is very similar to Pokemon. If you cast one Bugsnak you think “uh, maybe one more” and just go there.

The Walking Dead: Our World

The Walking Dead has been a great series that spawned numerous spin-offs and games, and the series we are going to be talking about today is The Walking Dead: Our World. This is another augmented reality game where you can point your phone around, showing zombies at various points in your field of vision. You can use all the weapons you have to send out zombies or run away to find refuge. As with the series, you can also strategically plan your approach by teaming up with other “survivors” nearby. Overall, the game is very interesting and engaging, so you can always find something to do.


This is not a game because it is a long-term social event. Geocaching games are set up to view specific caches for their region. This cache is real and has been placed by others for you to find. When you find a cache, it usually includes a pen and notepad, so you can write down your name and keep it in the same location you find it. Other caches that contain small items such as toys and other memorable items may be larger. The main idea of ​​this type of cache is to fetch small items. So, if you find something you like, you can take an item of equal value and put it there. The charm of this game is to explore the outdoors, solve puzzles and find caches.

Ingress Prime

The premise of Ingress Prime is that new forms of matter, believed to be related to new alien races, are scattered around Earth. There are people on Earth who believe that new problems are annoying and need to be resisted, and they are part of the resistance team. Another team, called the Enlightened, believes that energy must be harnessed to transcend humanity. Of course, all this is fictional, but the premise is very interesting. When playing the game there is a map with buildings, streets, and water bodies marked, but not marked, so you have to move around geographically. The rest of the game is like a mix of flag capture and geocaching. There are certain points on the map with portals, and interacting with these portals can provide benefits to your team, such as territorial expansion. It may seem difficult at first, but the game is very fun and you should try!

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Zombies, run!

This game is for all fitness lovers. Zombies, run! is an immersive running game with a great narrative to accompany you on your daily runs. You normally run and listen to music or podcasts, but this game places you in a post-apocalyptic world where you become one of the “runners” who run through the city collecting resources to avoid zombies and help other survivors. Every movement and progress around the map is monitored by a narrator who tells you where to go next. The story comes in the form of missions, each of which shows you what you do to get to the world and improve it. For more challenge, you can also experience “Zombie Chase Mode” where zombies will chase you and run you at least 10% faster.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

The Witcher: Monster Slayer is set in a fantasy world that overlaps ours. If you want to explore the world of The Witcher, you can go outside and view it through your phone screen. Depending on your location, you will find yourself in different environments with different units like NPCs and monsters. Monsters are the most important because you have to find them to complete quests and give them challenges. For combat, you can attack monsters and take damage, but like a real witcher, you can also buff yourself with oils and potions to turn the battle in your favor. It’s very interesting because of the aspects of exploration and uncertainty about what you might face.

Pikmin Bloom

Primarily a wandering game, Pikmin Bloom is fantastic for players who want a comfortable experience of interacting with little Pikmin creatures. As you walk, you leave a flower path behind, and it is a flower path that Pikmin enjoys. The game also involves solving puzzles to collect certain items, but your little flower friends can also help you wander as they bring you everything they can find. It has a special feature that records the number of steps you take as you move, so you can track your health, like the number of steps you take throughout the day. A simple game that anyone can use to motivate anyone to go out and walk.

dragon quest walk

Dragon Quest Walk is a fairly comfortable RPG where you move around the physical world and interact with objects that will gradually appear before your eyes. Some battles are also included, so you can upgrade your character by collecting experience and money. Whenever you’re not in combat, you can still move along the world, interact with NPCs, or do quests that take you to new locations. In some places on the map you can take a break to replenish your health points and figure out where to go next, so it takes a lot of walking, so it’s fun and healthy.

And that’s what this unique game is all about! We sincerely hope that you have found something to keep you focused while you are going somewhere, or just to help you get out of the house more often. If you still need indoor gaming, take a look at the best RPG games. Or are the best mobile multiplayer games better suited for speed?