10-ton roguelite dungeon crawler, skeletal avenger, iOS release, then Android release

10-ton roguelite dungeon crawler, skeletal avenger, iOS release, then Android release

Following the iOS release in December of last year, 10tons of dungeon crawling Roguelite Skeletal Avenger was released as an Android version. The hack and slash game puts the player in control of a vengeful skeleton in pursuit of justice for those who led him to his ultimate death.

In Skeletal Avenger, players can expect the title’s skull, along with its unique perks, to wander around with special moves that can involuntarily throw their heads at enemies. Players can enjoy customizing their playstyle with over 50 trinkets and perks, as well as engage in self-harm to unleash powerful special attacks.

Different hats can be worn for special effects while fighting in 4 different biomes (Dungeon, Sewer, Dark Cave, and Wizard’s Castle). There are also over 12 different types of enemies to defeat. Each has its own unique behavior that keeps execution fresh and unexpected in procedurally generated levels.


The game also features a variety of quests for completers to challenge in a difficult NG+ mode, as well as Arena Challenges for players to test their skills. If you want to challenge the game yourself, Skeletal Avenger is now available. download to Google Play Store Android devices and iOS App Store. $5.99 POP or equivalent regional premium title.


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